Spring Cleaning: 3 Often Forgotten Spots

Spring Cleaning

Spring has finally taken hold in Winnipeg after a couple of false starts (fingers crossed), so now you can really get into spring cleaning. And although you may have already gotten down to it, have you cleaned these often forgotten areas?


Appliances collect dust, grime, grease and crumbs like no other place. Did you get behind the fridge vacuum the coils (it will also help with performance)? If your fridge gasket (rubber lining on the door) is anything like mine, it loves to collect crumbs and could use a wipe with warm soapy water. Most stove element dials pop right off, and could use a good soak.


Things like your DVD player, gaming systems, routers, and modems love dust. Or rather, dust loves them. Use an electronics duster (also called an air duster) to blast the air out of the vents. Keeping electronics dust free can help them from overheating and prolong their life.


We change sheets and pillow cases on a regular basis, but how often do you wash the actual pillows? It’s recommended that you wash them twice per year, and follow any cleaning instructions on the tag. Note that foam pillows shouldn’t got in the washing machine, but down and fiberfill pillows can (so long as they fit).

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