Community Builders Referral Bonus

Community Builders Referral Bonus

Choose Your Neighbours and Earn Money

Do you know somebody looking for a new home? Refer them to an Edison Properties apartment, and we’ll pay you for it!

Our residents have done a lot to make our properties communities, not just apartment buildings. And we’d like to reward you for it.

Residents can earn a $100 bonus for every successful referral they make.

Here's how:

  1. Get a referral form from your resident manager, or click here to download.
  2. Fill out the current resident section, and give the form to your friend. Remind them to bring it with them when they apply for a suite.
  3. After they’ve been approved and have moved in, you’ll get your bonus!

To receive the bonus, you must be a resident in good standing. The bonus will be issued as a $100 rent credit 30 days after the referred resident moves into the building. The referred resident must be a new tenant, not on any waiting lists. The referral must be made at the time of the original application.